How to watch old Starcraft:Broodwar replays

When trying to watch old SC:BW replays they seem odd or corrupt — units become inactive, workers not mining, minerals and gas count are growing by thousands.

Usually that means that this replay was created with previous versions of Starcraft and to replay it correctly you'll need to watch it with the same version the replay was saved.

  1. Download old executables (3MB) and unzip into your StarCraft directory (i.e. where your original StarCraft.exe is).
  2. Since pre-1.15 exe's require a CD and we're not using them nowadays you can additionally download mini broodwar ISO (7MB) and just mount it (right click → "Mount" on Windows).
  3. Now, instead of launching StarCraft.exe run the executable matching the version the replay.

You can automate this process with BWChart (see Options).

What version to run

You can see 'version' column here at BWreplays.com or in BWChart's "Replay Browser" (column "Engine").

Keep in mind that sometimes it could be wrong (very rarely though), so — in that case you have to try to run different executables to see with which one it runs smoothly.